AP Grama Volunteer Duty and Job Description Check now

By | June 25, 2019

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has released the Notification of Grama/ Ward Volunteer related post and it come under the Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department (A.P.P.R & R.D). So, the interested candidates can apply for this job through online by the official website https://gramavolnteer.ap.gov.in. Regarding to this job the Roles and Responsibilities had also declared. According to these Roles and Responsibilities, the candidates who selected for the Grama/volunteer post, should have to complete the work task in a particular appointed area/ ward. The following are the Roles and Responsibilities of Grama Volunteer.

Roles and Responsibilities of Grama Volunteer: –

The Candidate who selected as Grama/ Ward Volunteer can do the work of Door Delivery of the welfare schemes of Government of Andhra Pradesh to each necessity house under his/her appointed area.

The categorization of houses in Rural / Ward areas will be done through the Base Line process and under each group there will be 50 Numbers of houses.

Under each volunteer, the Department will be appointed one Group (50 Numbers of houses) for this they have to do the service.

The Group of houses which handled to the volunteers will do the service to the necessity houses/ peoples irrespective of Caste, Religious, and Politics.

If any updates are done in the services from the Government of Andhra Pradesh or any changes inwards then the volunteers should have reached the door by door and collecting the relevant data to the submit it to the competent authority or Village Secretariat vice versa…

If any person/ house of member of Rural/ ward under the volunteer request any service / any issue then immediately the Grama Volunteer should have transfer the data to the Grama/ Ward secretariat and the related higher officers in municipalities and should have assist to the public up to the resolving mark of the issue to the concerned Department and Officer, for which the person/ public has raised.

The services/schemes of the Government of Andhra Pradesh should have explained in detailed and also have to assist them to apply to get the utilizes service opportunity, to the houses of a group which is under him/ her.

The volunteer has to attend the meeting held in Grama/ ward secretariat and should have to maintain the record of the issues and requests which collected from the Group of Houses under him/ her and also submit the maintained record to the competent authority.

The volunteer has to do surveillance of the Group of Houses under him/ her regarding security, Educational, Health and should have told them or aware them about employment.

The volunteer should also resolve and concern the competent authority or officer to resolve the issues such as Roads, street lights, Drains cleanliness, and Drinking water Problem solution under his/ her appointed Group of Houses/ Ward.

13 thoughts on “AP Grama Volunteer Duty and Job Description Check now

  1. Senu goud

    I have not liked my mobile number in aadhar card. and that number is registered in the application form. so should I have to mention the mobile number in my aadhar card for the verification?

  2. arvind ginder

    what is the procedure of applying offline mode?

  3. manjukika kaali

    Do everyday candidates have to visit 50 families? will you provide a metrial for this?

  4. riya gupta

    necessary to attend the meeting which will be held in Gama to give the record at that time only?

  5. anjili muttha

    how many days will the government provide the training to the candidates?

  6. abdul jaweed

    for the training, candidates have to go to any other place like to another state?

  7. rana gutti

    will the authority charge to provide the training for this post?

  8. naresh singh

    I stay in the village with my family and doing study in the same place so will my posting in the same place or the working place will change?

  9. k.k. kumar

    will they give a particular 50 families to provide the service? after finished of 50families candidates have to go for another 50 families?

  10. chandu nani

    will this scheme run after the next election also?

  11. mukth annand

    after the training how many days will be left to join the duty?


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