Andhra Pradesh- Grama Volunteer Selection Process

By | June 25, 2019

The candidates who successfully applied the application form of Grama Volunteer post, they have to know the selection process for this post in the Rural and Urban, Cities respectively.

Overview of Selection Process: –

The document verification of the candidates will be taken by different authorities with respect to the areas and after completion of document verification, the documents are scrutinized by the officers in the different areas and then the eligible candidates will call for interview with respect to their region and the selected candidates will goes to the training for Grama Volunteer for a week and after this posting will be done.  Read the following content of whole Selection process in detailed.

Under Reservation Criteria: –

At the time of selection of the candidates for Grama Volunteer posts, the Rural and Municipal wards will be come under one unit. In Rural areas the Mandal as unit and according to this area vacancy the Rule of Reservation can be followed. To fulfill this vacancy, the selections will starts of those candidates who belong to General Category and S.C, S.T, B.C categories. In all categories nearly 50% of vacancy will be fulfilled by the women volunteers.

Scrutiny of Documents: –

The applications which are submitted through online process will be scrutinized. In Urban areas the Scrutiny will process will comes under Municipal Commissioner whereas in Mandal areas the Scrutiny process will done under M.P.D.O Officer. The eligible candidates will call for interview in Mandal level.

Selection Committee for AP Grama Volunteer post: –

The selection committee is formed to take an interview for the eligible candidates and the committee will be differ Urban to Mandal areas. The mentioned following table will shows the details of committee and committee members with respect to the areas.

As a Member Mandal Tehsildar
As a Member, who is appointed by the District Collector
For MANDAL AREAS As a Chairmen M.P.D.O
As a Member Mandal Tehsildar
As a Member E.O.P.R.D


Interview Topics for Grama Volunteer: –

The formed selection committee will take the interviews for the eligible candidates who applied for the Grama Volunteer post. The interview will based on the below essential points.

How much a candidate should have Knowledge/ awareness about the welfare Schemes/ Schemes of Government of Andhra Pradesh.

How much the candidate should have awareness regarding how to solve the society issues, how he react about the society problem and will also check the behavior of the candidate.

According to the Duty Performance of the volunteer the Government of Andhra Pradesh will pay of Honor of Rs.5000/- per month.

Training Sections of Grama Volunteers: –

The Government of Andhra Pradesh will provide the Training Sections to the selected Grama Volunteers. In this training section the candidates will trained about the following mentioned points.

In the training section the candidates will get awareness about their main aim of the Grama/ Ward Volunteers post.

The awareness of the activities, welfare schemes which are coming towards state people through the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The minimum required skills about the Grama volunteer Roles and the Responsibilities and leadership qualities will be trained in this training section.

Note: –

There will be no exam for the post of Grama Volunteer of Andhra Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): –

Can the final year students also apply for this job?

Ans: – no, why because the posting will be in two months.

I’m having the caste certificate which is applied on 5 months ago. Is it valid for this exam?

Ans: – It is better to take the latest and updated caste certificate.

Where will be the document verification centers?

Ans: – for rural the Mandal is made as unit and verification also done there only.

Who will conduct the interview process?

Ans: – The committee will formed with respect to the Rural and Urban areas and this committee will conduct interview.

On what basis candidate will be selected?

Ans:-   the candidate has to crack the interview after that the merit marks will be considered for the selection.

Is there any termination from the job?

Ans: – The volunteer duty performance will be checked by the higher officer in the district cell and the district having the authority to terminate the volunteer also.

What is base line survey?

Ans: – the Grouping the houses in rural/ urban areas from wards in a quantity of 50 numbers, this process will be done by the base line survey committee.

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  1. nadeem

    i am having a caste certificate of Feb month of this year. so, is it valid to produce for the grameena volunteer post also?

  2. naziya

    will these categories of reservation according to caste will utilize for women candidates also or not.

  3. archana

    as per the content, the women having a 50% vacancy reservation from the whole vacancy apart from the caste reservation also applied to women or not.

  4. deepa

    will the vacancy percentage for men and women has classified only in urban areas or each and every ward and rural areas also. please clarify it.

  5. roshini

    the eligibility criteria of the boys are the same for the girl candidate also?

  6. nouheen

    in this post is there any restrictions for the pg candidates

  7. sonuyadav

    ill the pay of honor is the same for the whole year or the scale may changes if yes then when will it hikes.

  8. anwesh

    will the honor pay gives by hand or deposited in the bank account directly and which bank should produce to take the salary.

  9. swathi

    at what time or day will the salary paid to the employees and are there any benefits also there like esi nad pf if we joined in this job.

  10. ashiyanasharma

    I am doing a job privately but I am interested in the volunteer job and the documents are scrutiny at the present job so can I take an undertaking latter from the present employee to the process of document verification for the volunteer job.

  11. mannat

    AT the time of document scrutiny if he MPDO approved then after how many days the call letter will come for an interview.

  12. benazeer

    MY present address is different from the aadhar card address so where will my interview conducts under which area.

  13. mahershaik

    presently am leaving in an urban area but my address printed on the documents is a rural area. so, in which area my posting will be placed and to whom is hould concern regarding my issue.

  14. kabeer

    at the document verification which proof i have to submit as it is different in the documents individually.

  15. amber

    my ssc is completed in the rural area and the graduation is completed in the urban area. can i apply as the residence of urban area

  16. sakibbasha

    Are there any pay scale differences to the employee for the different areas working in between rural and urban areas.

  17. gayaz

    how many rounds of interview for the selection of grama volunteer post and on what basis candidate will selected in the interview.

  18. ashutosh

    how could we know that we selected in the interview and when will be the results is to be declared?

  19. mubeen

    is there any material or syllabus for the preparation of interview

  20. natasha

    what is the timing of training and how many days will take to complete the training classes.


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